Video Clips
Video Clips
Demos & Others

Nice Demo 1   -   1.78Mb (wmv)

Nice Demo 2   -   1.83Mb (wmvi)

Rare Footage Of Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha, Slow Motion Break
(filmed for UKTV in the 70`s - watch the fist/hands deform on impact)   -   2.00Mb (wmv)

Grandmaster Hee Il Cho Demo   -   301Kb (wmv)

Model Sparring   -   7.95Mb (avi)

Martial Arts Weapons Fighting   -   4.25Mb (mpeg)

Willy Williams Fighting A Bear!   -   2.54Mb (wmv)

Newer footage of Grandmaster Ki Ha Rhee brick breaking   -   246Kb (wmv)

Flying Side Kick over a car by Lewis Cutler   -   295Kb (wmv)

Taekwondo Way (WTF Demo reel)   -   10 Mb (wmv)

Chloe Bruce - Rewind   -   5 Mb (mpeg)

WTF TKD Vs Thai Boxing   -   3.47 Mb (wmv)