Patterns & Destruction Clips

Kwang-Gae Tul & Flying Rebound Kick
by Mr Anslow (right hand side)   -   1.51Mb (wmv)

Flying Rebound Kick & Break
by Mr Anslow (Academy Instructor)   -   476Kb (mpeg)

360 Jumping Back kick Break
by Mr Anslow   -   191Kb (wmv)

Double Jumping Front Kick Break
by Mr Anslow   -   158Kb (wmv)

Flying Side Kick
by Mr Anslow   -   5.89Mb (mpeg)

Video Clips
Video Clips
Sparring Clips

Black Belt Sparring Divisions `98
(Mr Anslow closest to camera)   -   1.55Mb (wmv)

Black Belt Quarter Finals `96
(Mr Anslow closest to camera)   -   1.16Mb (wmv)

British Championships Epic Bout
Mr Anslow & Paul Ford battle it out over 2 rounds, with 3 extensions! - 5.4Mb (wmv)!

Alan Liu V & Mr Anslow at the `98 British Champs
   -   1.53Mb (wmv)

Another Liu  V Anslow Bout At `97 British Champs
(Mr Liu in the white headguard)   -   5.2Mb (wmv)

And Another At The English Champs
   -   3.9Mb (wmv)

*Slow & Fast 1 Step Sparring
by Mr Bryan & Mr Anslow (as a red belt many moons ago :-)   -   1.37Mb (wmv)

*Slow & Fast 1 Step Sparring and 1 for 1 Kicking
Mr Anslow & Mr O`Conner-   1.25Mb (wmv)

3 Fights at the English TKD Schools Championships
a) Mr Anslow V ??   b) Mr Gautam V ??  c) Mr Gautam V Mr Anslow - 6.17Mb (wmv)

Two Bouts From The Kick It 2000 Championships
-   5.9Mb (wmv)

Semi Finals & Final Matches
  -   9.1Mb (wmv)

*Kickboxing & Taekwon-do Match `94
Mr Anslow represents Taekwon-do in the Kick boxing ring a few years back
- 1.88Mb (wmv)

*Old Clip of Mr Anslow Sparring as a Red Belt `94
(starts right, black head guard)  -   1.36Mb (wmv)

540 Jumping Turning Kick
by Justin Goh   -   403Kb (avi)

Downward Punch Through a stack of Tiles
by Mr O`Conner II (friend of Mr A)   -   219Kb (wmv)


Kick it 2004

Won-Yo Tul - 1.21Mb
RL Student Bako Kadir performs Won-Yo Tul
Hwa-Rang Tul - 1.12Mb
Performed by Rayners Lane Student Dev Patel
Toi-Gye Tul - 1.5Mb
Performed by Rayners Lane Student Dev Patel
Po-Eun Tul - 1.02Mb
Performed by Rayners Lane Instructor Mr Anslow
Dan-Gun Tul - 1.07Mb
Performed by Rayners Lane Student Amittai Antoine
Dan-Gun Tul - 1.06Mb
Performed by Rayners Lane Student Vijay Sood

UKTA London Open 2003

Won-Yo Tul - 1.96Mb
RL Student Bako Kadir performs Won-Yo Tul (Starts on left of screen)
Yul-Guk v Hwa-Rang -   2.91Mb
RL student Colin Avis performs Yul-Guk Tul
Toi-Gye v Choong-Moo -   2.91Mb
RL student Dev Patel performs Toi-Gye Tul
Joong-Gun v Yul-Guk -   3.15 Mb
RL student Justin Goh performs Joong-Gun Tul
Hwa-Rang v Choong-Moo - 3.24Mb
RL students Parvez Sultan performs-Hwa Rang Tul
Yoo-Sin v Ge-Baek   4.40Mb
RL Instructor Mr Anslow performs Yoo-Sin Tul

Kick It Championships 2002

Gae Baek Tul
    -   1.49Mb
clip performed by Mr Anslow (Academy Instructor)
Toi-Gye Tul   -   1.48Mb
clip performed by Parvez Sultan (Academy student)
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