In Korea, the remaining  TKD factions that lost out to General Choi
underwent a significant reform. WTF was formed about the same time ITF was formed. Impeded by internal politics and lack of international experience, pre-WTF organizations tried to create a network like ITF with little progress. But WTF did carry out a massive reform of  TKD in Korea to distinguish itself from ITF and also as an anti-General Choi style campaign. It created the Pal Geh forms; the ITF styles and movements were phased out in the military. The military modified the ITF TKD moves with a speedier movements and more incorporation of
WTF movements and philosophy.  The TKD terms were changed from ITF s terms such as  soodoh (knife-hand) of Japanese origin to  sohn-kahl ,  hah dahn mahki (low block) into   ah rae mahki ,  dae ryun (sparring) into  gyorugi  into pure Korean words. Some other terms are also changed.  The patterns are now called poomse  instead of   hyung . The WTF and ITF separately try to enter the Olympics but is stalemated.

Strengthened by the weakening ITF, WTF did a massive campaign to capture the void left by lack of leadership in world TKD arena.  Korean government appoints a new man for the task, Dr. Un-Yong Kim.

Dr. Kim, an academic scholar with several graduate degrees from both in Korea and the USA was a man of action for the job. A speaker  of 6 languages, a seasoned former diplomat, excellent people skills, and with strong political ties both domestic and abroad, was a doer.   As a director of 100% government backed WTF, he united some 36+ TKD factions(big and small) in Korea under one banner by organizing a non-biased governing body.  A feat Gen. Choi tried to accomplish over two decades was done in matter of few years. Most important of
all, he built the WTF(Kukkiwon) headquarters building within a year to edify WTF by securing support from private sectors through sheer diplomacy. His work encountered initial resistance and alienated some heads of different TKD stylists,  but his unpretentious loyalty to the heads of different factions and connections facilitated the creation of a civilian backed WTF.

The acceptance of WTF TKD into the Olympics as an demonstration sport in 1988 was also through the  diplomacy of  Dr. Kim. The demonstration itself  became a catalyst for the legitimate acceptance and growth of  WTF TKD by the world. The  real  TKD sanctioned by WTF spreads via the television broadcast of Olympics
to the world media is etched into the world viewers as WTF = real TKD. From this point on, WTF begins to grow and dominate the world TKD arena. It also announces that it will take in other styles of non-ITF TKD stylists. Always quelled and snubbed off by ITF, they joined the ranks of WTF organization. Some who did not agree with WTF politics later reverted back to their own styles, but this time, did not have to be constantly aware of  ITF TKD s snubbing attitudes.

General Choi upon hearing the news feels  taken advantage of   what was justifiably his work with his opponents taking credit for his work. It becomes a severe blow for him, for what he had spent so much of his life on, was gone.  One of his lifetime dreams, the inclusion of  ITF style TKD into the Olympics has now become an illusion.
by W.Rhee