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Video Clips
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4: More Cool Videos
OTHERS (Reels)

Training at Home
     -   37.9Mb (wmv)
A long clip showing Warm Ups, Stretching, Conditioning, Floor to Ceiling Ball & Heavy Bag work

Part 1
Part 2
Art of Martial Arts
A film made as part of a Universities Media Studies degree. Split into 2 parts for You tube.
More Video

2nd Kup (Red Belt Grading) - 31.7Mb
Colin Avis & Fayaz Latifi testing for their 1st Kups

9th, 8th, 7th, 4th & 3rd Kup Grading
- 23.2Mb
Students Testing as a Grading
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IAOMAS 1st England Seminar Sample
Self Protection Practice
Very old video of early Self Protection work (early 90's)
Some video filmed a few years agao for an IAOMAS DVD
IAOMAS 2nd England Seminar Sample
Radio Interview with Mr Anslow
(Academy Chief instructor)
Charity Demo, 2005
Students helping raise money for charity
Warren Vice Seminar, 2008