This is a special page. It is a page dedicated to never forgetting Masters & Pioneers of the arts, whom have now past away in body, but to me, never in spirit.

It seems we are coming to the end of an era, The founders of many arts are long past, some more recent than others, and now the founders first pupils are now passing and to me these were the links between the `origins` & us! (if you get what I mean) & thinking of such an era as passing I find quite saddening!

For those who have never seen the below in action I suggest you seek out footage as I feel their likes will never be seen again, they represented the best the arts had to offer. Its not that we will not have great martial artists, but there is something that surrounds the above, an aura of sorts, that I don`t feel will ever be replaced.
These were my personal inspiration, which came in many forms, but nether-the-less have inspired me in one way or another,

So I dedicate this page, to preserving their memory and forever recognising their invaluable contribution to our beloved martial arts.... may they forever be remembered


Past Masters
An Era Passing
** General Hong Hi, Choi **

November 9th, 1918 - June 15th 2002

Founder of Taekwon-do in 1955, established the ITF in 1966. Devoted his life to formulating & establishing Chang Hun (ITF style) Taekwon-do


** Master Gichin Funakoshi **

Born 1868 - 1957

Founder of Shotokan Karate. Writer of the inspirational book 'My Way Of Life'
Father of modern day martial arts


** Grandmaster Park, Jung Tae **
1943 - April 11th 2002
Known for his outstanding technical ability, making simple patterns
like Chon-ji look amazing when performed. A very humble master.


** Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda **
1935 - 29th March 2003
' The Shotokan Tiger'
To me personally Sensi Enoeda was held in the highest regard & respect ever since my early martial arts
days when I saw him perform, his Kata`s were amazing to watch.

For those that have ever seen Sensei Enoeda in action you will agree the name `Shotokan Tiger` was well Place.


** Masutatsu Oyama **

1923 - 1994
Founder of Kyokushinkai Karate
Known as 'The God hand'
If he hit you, you broke. If you blocked a rib punch, you arm was broken or dislocated.
If you didn't block, your rib was broken


**Master Han Cha Kyo **

Born 1934
Of Chung Do Kwan extraction, covered Hong Kong and Singapore ITF under Gen Choi's direction. Han Cha Kyo was the creator of Hwa Rang tul and was part of General Choi`s demonstration team to Japan in the 60`s. He is also credited as one of the pioneers in the early 60s for back turning kicks and back kicks in TKD.


** Ed Parker, Snr **
1931 - 1990
Founder of Kenpo Karate

An inspirational martail artist, that was revered as a teacher & innovator, but remembered by his students
as a father to them all. If we even get 5% of the love they had for him, then we are all doing well

Video Tribute - click here to download  5.12Mb

I`m sure there are many more that should be listed here. This is the start, with those of have inspired me.
Should you feel that others should be on this page, please email me with their details