What is it?
The International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools is a student support system, the co-operation of Martial Arts schools worldwide to allow all martial arts students to continue to train wherever they go (ie. On holiday, vacation, work etc.). Its good for all students involved (through the club) & good for instructors to be able to offer training where-ever their students are in the world.

Whose Involved?
Any one can get involved. Obviously you have to allow students from other clubs to train at your school `Free` & yours are offered the same, worldwide. Joining is free, no fee`s, no politics, just real, unblickered martial artists.

Whats the deal?
Simply, it's a list of schools (or will be) in as many countries as possible, that agree to allow any student (from schools involved)  `FREE` training, for at least two weeks, should they visit that country (or area). This is `NON-POLITICAL`, and is based on individual school instructors. Should the visiting student be staying in that area longer then they can negotiate further with the instructor. Please visit the `country` site you are intending visiting & contact the school via email / telephone & let them know you are coming (Give them dates etc., comfirm its okay &  get any other details you require)

How can my school become part of this?
Email the `Country` site where you are based with your schools details (see below). If you are a student, who wants to be the main contact for your school you should of course gain your instructors permission/approval first. Then, put a IAOMAS link on your web site (in a prominant place) & link it to the main countries IMOMAS web page (like this), there are no links (except for the school  links) so each visitor shall be returned to your website when they are done.

Guide Lines
1. Of course, it goes without saying that clubs should treat visiting students with respect (no matter what the style), theres a section to say if you would prefer your own-style only to be able to visit
2. Students should follow the clubs rules/codes of conduct etc. at all times.
3. Students represent their clubs/instructors & may cause their schools to become disassociated if they cannot behave!.
4. Complaints from visting students (about the schools they visited) or from School Instructors (about visiting students) should be dirrected towards the `Main Country` web site for consideration if   that club should be disassociated.
Please click here to email a complaint
5. There is no `I`m better than you` attitudes allowed or needed from anyone. At the end of the day we are all Martial Artists & should behave like one (ie. no egos).

International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools
International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools
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I.A.O.M.A.S.          *** International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools ***           ...the true spirit of martial arts          ...become part of something BIG, something unique, something World Wide, something pioneering in the world of martial arts          ...Join the IAOMAS and open your eyes to the true spirit of martial arts

What are they saying about the IAOMAS?

Other Countrys will be listed as soon as we get a `Main Country` site set up & running

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Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Name Of School: Action Martial Arts Training Academy
Style Studied: ITF (AIMAA) & WTF Taekwon-do
Instructor: Sunday Igbinedion
Email: actmartarts2001@yahoo.com
Telephone: 234-8033252232 (Fax: 234-01-4930419)
Web Site:

Location: Iyana Ipaja, Lagos Nigeria
Name of School: Abesan Institute of Taekwondo (AIT)
Style Studie: Taekwondo
Instructors: Lucky Ogumelen and Ade Adeogun
Email: Goodluck427@yahoo.com
Tel: 234-1-4804623

Location: Eruwa, Oyo State Nigeria
Name of School: Soul Martial Arts Foundation
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructor: Taiwo Olasunkanmi
Email: soulmartialfoundation@yahoo.com
Tel: Awaiting

Lagos Nigeria
Name of School: De-Brown Taekwondo Academy Dejang
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructor: Peter Awodi
Email: DEbrownTKD@yahoo.com
Telephone: 234-039-720087, 234-8023338771

Location; Lagos Nigeria
Name of School; Work-Out Taekwondo Center
Style Studied; Taekwondo
Instructor; Tayo Max Adewalure
Email; tayo_walure@hotmail.com
Tel: 234-8033263951

Location; National Stadium, Surulere Lagos Nigeria
Name of Sch; Pan African Martial Arts International
(Afro Taekwondo Academy)
Style Studied; Taekwondo
Instructor: Ferguson Oligbo
E-mail: afrigoldhouse@yahoo.com
Tel: In process

Location: Federal University of Technology Akure Ondo State
Name Of School: Action FUTA Marital Arts Foundation
Style Studied: ITF (AIMAA) & WTF Taewondo
Instructor: Gabriel Ajose
Email: gabriel_luvtkd@yahoo.com

Location: Lagos Island, Obalende, Lagos state
Name Of School: Savant Taewondo club
Style Studied: All styles
Instructor: Paul Segun Fagbemide
Email: segun_nigeraimaa@yahoo.com

Location: Lagos
Name Of School: Raphakame Taekwondo Club
Style Studied: Taekwon-do
Instructor: Rapheal
Email: ralphakame@yahoo.com
Tel: 08035703179

Location: Ogun
School: Ogun State Taekwondo Club
Style: Taekwondo
Instructor: Isiaka Adetunji Elias
Email: teejay3ng@yahoo.com
Telephone:  348055161776\234-1-4707876

Location: Lagos
School: Kandoshin International
Style: Free Style Karatedo/Fighting Arts System-SHINKYOTAI BUDO
Instructor: Soke Happy John Uvwiefenigwere
Email: kanchohappy@yahoo.com
Telephone: 234 - 8023358606
Web Site:

Location: Lagos
School: Kaycee Taekwondo Academy
Style: I.T.F/W.T.F
Instructor: Garba Kasim Yusuf
Email: kasim_nigaimaa@yahoo.com
Phone: 2348037180672

Location; University of Jos
Name of School:
Styles Studied; Taekwondo
E-mail: ujfkd2@yahoo.com
Tel: In process

Location; Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso, oyo State
Name of School: Ki-martial Arts Academy (KIMAC)
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructor: Enahoro Victor
Email: bujikan-n@yahoo.com

Location: National Stadium Surulere, Lagos
Name of School: Manidee Martial Arts Club
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructor: Israel Adebukola Bolarinwa
Email: krishnadesa@yahoo.com
Telephone: In process

Location; Yaba College of Technology, Lagos
Name of School: Yaba Tech Taekwondo Club
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructor: Cliff Obadafin
Email: In process
Telephone: In Process

Location: Bode Thomas, Surule Lagos Nigeria
Name of School: Top Grade Taekwondo Club
Styles Studied: Taekwondo
Instructor: Anthony Enwerem
Email: anthonyenwerem@yahoo.com

Name Of School: Florescent Academy
Style Studied: Karate
Instructors Name: Wole Makanjuola
Email: lebanonforever2002@yahoo.com
Telephone: 234-01-4238778
Web Site: None

Location: West
Name Of School
: Adeyemi Taekwondo Club
Style Studied: Taekwondo
Instructors Name: Gbenga
Email: gbenga2kng@msn.com
Web Site: None

Location: Igbobi, Lagos Sate Nigeria
Name Of School: Peak Action marital arts Academy
Style Studied: All styles
Instructor: Tajudeen Yusuf
Email: fariahtech@yahoo.com
Tel: 08033811573

Oke-ira Aguda-titun Ogba Ikj. Lagos state
Name Of School:   Unique Marital Art Academy (U.M.A.A)
Style Studied: All styles
Instructor: Sabon Dele kazeem
Email: umaa@yahoo.com
Tel: 0803454237

Location: Lagos
School: Ummah Martial Arts Club
Style: Comination of taekwando, judo, karate
Instructor: Adulrasaq Arije
Email: arisiki@yahoo.com
Phone: 2348023214214

Location: Christian
School: Combat Martial Arts Academy
Style: ITF & WTF
Instructor: Shatin Tope
Email: mightyshatin@yahoo.com
Phone: 2348023823403
Web Site: none

Location: akure,ondo-state
School: taekwondo academy club of futa
Style: taekwondo
Instructor: gabriel ajose
Email: demoksf@yahoo.com
Telephone: 08034668656
Web Site: none